/A’s on fire, Bellville relentless and VOB pull two more come from behind victories.

A’s on fire, Bellville relentless and VOB pull two more come from behind victories.

Athlone moving back into familiar territory, after a very slow start to the season have shown that their bats are now also workings, scoring 22 runs and only giving up 2 this weekend. This is an ominous warning to all clubs. A’s are back…

Bellville continued with their philosophy and a very simple and effective one that is. SCORE MORE RUNS than the other guy. After a tough game on Saturday, Bellville took no mercy on Van der Stel today at all, scoring 20 – 3.

VOB who can now be called the comeback kids, seem only to start hitting in the 7th innings. For the 3rd game in a row, VOB had their rally in the 7th innings. A very close game today that ended up 6-6 in the 7th and the Maestro Klackett making VOB hitters struggle. However some errors and some close plays saw VOB come back into the game and take it away from the feisty performance from Pirates.

Bothasig got back to business and took care of Yankees 7-3 but the score would suggest that things did not go entirely the way off Bothasig.

Giants break their losing streak at the expense of Durbanville 12 – 2.

The Log is starting to take shape and though there is likely to be much movement in the middle, the depth of pitching in the teams that have come up seem to be a telling point.