/18U Week in preview 25 Nov 17

18U Week in preview 25 Nov 17

We are trying to get as much information to you as we are able, with a couple more volunteers like this, we could get previews on all the leagues – thanks to those that are stepping up.

The U18 game of the week is undoubtedly the Bothasig v Bellville game at Bellville. Both sides are 5 – 1 so there is plenty resting on the game. On paper there is very little separating the two teams. Both sides top orders sides can hit. Both sides have good pitching, with Bothasig possibly having more depth. There are plenty of talented athletes on both sides who can and will test catchers arms and resolve. It should provide a really good mornings worth of entertainment.

The ‘elephant in the room’ re this game is, do Bellville pitch Marcel Steyn and Bothasig pitch Brandon Smith. Double header weekend so it’s unlikely, but that would be really up the ante.
No predictions – it’s U18 so the unexpected happens