/Weekend Preview 7 Nov

Weekend Preview 7 Nov

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There are a couple of MUST WIN games this weekend and for some, that is going to be harder than others. We still have 4 teams with only one win and they must surely be wanting to move towards the middle of the table.

Lets look at the 1st of 4. Maitland Giants, who put some good numbers up last year with a strong finish, who host Westridge Yankees. Yankees are a talisman type of team, they have hitting, they have pitching, they have fielding and they certainly have running. If everything works, they are tough to beat while Maitland are developing local pitching this year it is going to be tough for them to hold back the Yankees run for the top half of the log.

Athlone host the hitters from the North but are going to have to bring their “A” Game to take some points home with them. A’s started off with a nightmare start but have been scoring runs in every game and it is still a bit of a mystery as to how VOB managed to beat them last week.  Van der Stel is going to have to dominate on the hill to take this game deep. A’s have a bullpen that few can boast.

Helderberg travel to Fortress Bothasig and are not just going to have to face the deep bullpen, the young and disciplined players, but also a crowd that is very partisan and rightfully so. Bothasig keep on doing things right and keep on developing ball players. This is going to be a long hard day for the Pirates. Having said that, we think that Pirates are going to take some points from some of the big guys this year.

Durbanville host VOB and must be thinking, we gotta take this one. VOB on their 2 game winning streak is also thinking that they need two points out of this clash. VOB top order has been hitting in the last two weeks, the tail wagged last week with Lance and Luke getting hits of Carl in clutch situations and having a couple more young pitchers in the bullpen that have rested for a week or two, should see VOB take this. It will be very unlikely if we do not see Canadian International Andy Orfanakos on the hill at some stage. VOB however will be without their MOJO in Kevin Johnson, who is at a National Coaches meeting for the weekend, along with Niel Adonis and Glen Buckley.

Crusaders had a dream start, but that took a bit of a dent when they squared up against Bothasig last weekend, they face Bellville this weekend and that is also going to be a tough day for them out in Bellville. Few teams in the league have the luxury that Bellville has with regards to their hitting depth. Bellville can bring in clutch hitter after clutch hitter all day.

So, there will definitely be some movement on the logs again this weekend