/Cape Town Baseball at its Best.

Cape Town Baseball at its Best.

Last night at Chukker road, the many hundreds that faced the chilling South Easter were treated to some awesome baseball. What an opportunity for Coach Alan Phillips to see his crew at work and giving the new players in the SA training squad the chance to confirm selections.

Though the score was never the prime focus of the game, the hosts (Cape Town Invitational) showed their intent with veteran Pitcher getting out the 1st innings on only 8 pitch’s. However the SA Squad showed why they are in the squad, by and large with some slick double plays and some sublime base-running on the hits.  The CT Invitational side did not miss opportunities to show up the SA squad with their collection of double plays catching 3 runners off base during the game, taking 2 outs at 3rd base and one in a run down between home and 3rd.

This is an initiative that was well worth the sub zero temperatures and wild south easter. We look forward to one or two more of these games.