/Umpires Code of Conduct

Umpires Code of Conduct

Umpires have a special role in the development of baseball and a privileged relationship with players and coaches. They must understand and respect the inherent power imbalance that exists in this relationship. Umpires must also realize that they are an integral part of the Baseball Association of Western Province and the responsibility they accept on the field is critical to the development of players and paramount to maintaining the highest level of baseball in the province.
Umpires shall:
1. Wear the official uniform for all assignments – Black Shoes, Grey Pants, Navy Blue Shirt & Navy Blue Warm Up Jacket
2. Follow the guidelines and regulations of the Baseball Association of Western Province

3. Report to the park at least 30 minutes prior for all assignments accepted; notify the allocator, within the agreed time period when unable to report for an assignment accepted

4. Be fully prepared to do the job assignment accepted

5. Umpires shall work all games, exhibition, tournament, or league, to completion and a winner is determined; this includes extra innings unless there has been a time limit in place or it is mutually agreed to by the coaches.

6. Arrive in good time for the competition and report immediately to the official in charge

7. Work in the spirit of cooperation with other officials.

8. Be on the field at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the game to meet coaches.
9. Call Coaches together and verify ground rules and also re-iterate your approach and objectives.
i. Only uniformed personnel to be in the dug out
ii. No single ear flap helmets
iii. Umpires to address Coaches only
iv. Ground rules to be clarified
10. Extend the benefit of your experience to other less experienced officials

11. Complete all the required paper work as expected and part of the assignment

12. Refrain from using tobacco products, illegal drugs or alcohol within the competition area

13. Refrain from reporting for an assignment under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs

14. Officiate the game according to the rules of baseball with the welfare of the player in mind and do the job in an efficient, professional and non-abrasive manner

15. Conduct yourself in a manner that will give credibility to the game of baseball, BAWP and yourself both within and outside the competition area

16. Refrain from the use of profane, insulting, harassing or otherwise offensive language in the conduct of your duties

17. Respect the dignity of players; verbal or physical behaviour that constitute harassment or abuse are unacceptable

18. Conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times; be a good listener when addressed by players or coaches

19. Report to the umpire-in-chief appointed by BAWP

20. Follow the direction of the umpire-in-chief and report any incidents of concern to him