/Promotion League Derby – 28 Nov 2015

Promotion League Derby – 28 Nov 2015

After the cracking weekend last weekend in the Promotion league, with only one surprise, the league settles down for the hard work. The surprise being a Devonshire team that really bounced back from the 0-1 loss to Battswood tp punish Thistle 19-4 after being 4-0 down.

Clearly the big game this weekend will take place at Chukker road and this is going to be a rumble in the jungle, so to say. Lansdowne (with a good win over Vds) taking on old Rivals and neighbours Battswood. Anyone that knows anything about baseball will know that this middle of the table clash is going to be fierce and hard – till the last pitch then much celebration no matter the result. Both teams have lively younger pitchers with some wily and mature closers in bullpen. Neither team bats all the way down the line up and they are very similar defensively – leaving the chance to the Bullpens… Simply put, we are of the opinion that the deeper bullpen will win this one – unless many errors are made.

Then we have the Top of the table vs the near Bottom in Maitland Giants traveling to Devonshire Rovers in Grassy Park. Maitland clearly have the upperhand here as they have a big, strong and deep Bull pen. BUT, we are not sure that they will have things going entirely their way either, with the young pitchers who are throwing well. Rovers are improving game by game, under new management, but here Coach Moore is coaching against Coach Moses, who has Moore’s Mentor in his dugout – Don Gillies. Maitland should take this game with ease as their pitchers will keep most of Rovers hitters quiet.

Finally we have Van der Stel playing Thistle in Ottery. Van der Stel have a nice mix of young and old, as well as a foriegner that can throw 5 innings no matter what the pitch count is. Thislte also have a mix of young and old, but eventhough the game is at Thistle, we think VDS should take this one without too much difficulty. Having said that though, one just needs to think back to last season end of season play, to say those words cautiously.