/2015 – Nov 21 Result Devonshire vs Thistle PL

2015 – Nov 21 Result Devonshire vs Thistle PL

In an important game of two clubs in the process of developing, there could only be one winner unfortunately.

Thistle started off strong scoring 4 runs off 2 walks and 3 hits. Lazola and C May batting the runs in. Brady Conradie started well on the hill striking out the 1st two hitters of rovers, but walk #3 and #4 but forced #5 to strike out#5 in a reverse K thrown out at 1st.

Shelton Trosky then found his mojo and after hitting the 1st batter, a ground out and 2 strike outs, Rovers were back up to bat. This is where things went aury for Thistle, Bradly walked Kevin Mullens and after a pitching change C May gave up 4 hits, 4 hit batter and 3 walks before C Willemberg came on to try stem the tide of runs. Including a huge home run by Storm Muller. Willemberg got the next out, but 10 runs had scored.

Rovers were now in full control and in the next 4 innings, they only allowed one more batter than the minimum on base. Shelton getting out the innings with a popup to Catcher, Storm then  long fly ball to left field into the safe hands of Kyle Wakefield running back for the catch and finally striking out the last batter.

Kieran Moore led off with his 2nd hit of the game, then 2 walks and a SF from Kevin Mullens to score Moore. Another hit from Wakefield to score Muller. Thistle got out the innings with Garth van Eerden throwing Nathan Adams out at 1st from RF, but 2 more runs came in.

Trosky, who is clearly enjoying his time on the hill, was well supported in the field, by his SS, Tristen Farenfort with a fly ball, then 2 more strikeouts to finish his stint on the hill.

Kyle Davids led off with a hit, Roger Wilson with a walk batted around by Kieran Moore’s 3rd hit in the game. Storm Muller hitting a SF to score Moore. Lazola took a great catch close to the fence to retire Jason Adonis and Willemberg struck out Mullens.

Rovers made the manditory pitching change and Kieran Moore was well supported by his 2nd base, Kyle. Then Garth van Eerden reminded the young pitcher that every pitch must count by hitting him for a stand up triple. Moore then adjusted and struck out the next two batters.

Another pitching change by Thistles putting B Mane on the hill, but after 4 walks he had to be replaced but 2 more runs came in.

Rovers then closed out the next three batters with 2 fly balls and a strikeout. Needing only 2 runs to close out the game, Rovers did that with Storm Muller getting his 2nd hit of the game, 2 stolen bases a walk and a hit ended off the game 19-4 to rovers.

Kyle Wakefield batting 3-3 with  hp,bb – Storm Mulller 2-2 1HR, 2 BB 1 SF, Kieran Moore 3-4, 1BB doing most of the damage for Rovers

Garth van Eerden 1-3 (triple), Lazola 1-3, C May 1-3, P Phumi 1-2