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The Top, the Middle and the Bottom – 23 Jan

Runner Stealing Home Base

Another interesting weekend in the Promotion League takes place this weekend with #1 and #2, #3 and #4 and finally #6 and #7.

So far this season there have been some upsets, but very few, this weekend however all the games are more evenly match...


Umpire Allocation – 23 Jan


Major League 23/01/2016
C/Saders v VOB – Farouk & Hendrik
D/Ville v WY – Denis & Albert
B/Ville v B/Sig – Mark & Eddie W
S/Tree v A’s – Charlie & Denver
Promo League 23/01/2016
Thistle v D/Shire – Gino
M/Land v Pirates – Tubby
VDS v L/Downe – ...