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Taking the Umpire Seriously – JS Russel

When I’m right no one remembers. When I’m wrong no one forgets. —Umpire DOUG HARVEY There’s an old baseball joke that tells a lot about why umpires find themselves in this unhappy position. The Devil challenges God to a baseball game between the residents of heaven and hell. Puzzled, God asks the Devil: “Why would […]

Umpire Allocations Weekend Dec 12 & 13

Saturday 12/12/2015 Major League Athlone A’s v VOB – Mark Cupido & Peter ‘Tubby’ Klaasen Bellville v Westridge Yankees – Charles February & Henrik Pretorius Crusaders v Bothasig – Eddie Webb & Denis Philander Silvertree v Durbanville – Farouk Manual & Albert Van Zyl Promo League Van Der Stel v Pirates – Jeff Daniels Thistle […]

Umpires Code of Conduct

Umpires have a special role in the development of baseball and a privileged relationship with players and coaches. They must understand and respect the inherent power imbalance that exists in this relationship. Umpires must also realize that they are an integral part of the Baseball Association of Western Province and the responsibility they accept on […]

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